PAINTING 'The Evolution of Longevity' (2014)

Tim Tse

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Born in Swansea, Wales to a Welsh mother and Chinese father, Timothy Tse grew up a house near the former home of famous Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. That might perhaps be one reason for his deep love for words and poetry, which is expressed in his artwork of talisman characters.

Though Tse spend his childhood in Wales, he later moved to Asia and became fascinated by calligraphy. His works featured at Ambassadas are composed of a hundred talisman characters of the Mandarin word “fu”, which means happiness. Another two works are a pair of paintings with a hundred talisman characters of the world “shou”, which means longevity. This collection is minimal and contemporary, with ancient characters that express the perfect unity of the yin and yang. Not only as Tse's works a pleasure to behold, they are also rich in positive and health-giving energy.

Since 1993, Tse has been a polarity therapy healer, using massage, diet, yoga, and bio-sonic sound therapy to heal people. He has treated famous celebrities such band members from The Rolling Stones, Elton John, Sting and Jocelyn Brown. In the last past three years he has also been offering pre-natal, postnatal, natural induction, and fertility treatments that have yielded amazing results.

An avid adventurer and music lover, who lives his life according to the Chinese metaphysical elements of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, Tse has lived in extreme environments, such as cold highlands of Tibet and the warm climes of the Caribbean and Central America. “The art work featured here is very much related to my life work. I’ve had the idea for more than twenty years, but I’ve only lately managed to create something coherent and beautiful with all this. The subconscious has a huge effect on our daily life, and we often need conscious reminders of where to place out focus. Most Chinese people won't be able to read more than three or four of the characters on these works, as they come from a different time, but they will understand the underlying meaning. These pieces of art will assist their owners to look within for guidance and strength,” says Tse.

These particular pieces are 100 talisman characters of the word 'fu' happiness, (each and every character means 'happiness') the other one of the pair is 100 talisman characters of the word 'shou' longevity, both to be presented side by side.

These pieces are minimal and contemporary, with a very ancient meaning, the yin and yang of time and present.

Without Frame - 64cm (w) x 61cm (h)
With Frame - 71cm (w) x 78cm (h)

Gel and Sand on Wood



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